The goal of the Family & Consumer Sciences Program is to improve the quality of life for indiciduals and families.  We address the challenges of critical issues affecting people's daily lives in a changing environment.  Programs focus on economic, social and physical well-being of our clients.  We strengthen personal and family relationships, encourage healthful choices, and identy resources to extend income.


Dear Friends,


     I hope you have enjoyed “Redbud Winter”, “Dogwood Winter”, and now I guess its’s “Blackberry Winter”.  We all are hoping this cool spell hasn’t hurt the gardens, fruit trees, or berries.  We want the Farmer’s Market to be successful.  The opening day will be Saturday, June 4th.  I’m looking to buying some delicious locally grown produce.

      In planning ahead to canning some of your garden vegetables, fruit or berries (or some you purchase from the Farmer’s Market), I am enclosing information about a Food Preservation video my area Family and Consumer Science Agent co-workers and I made that I think might be helpful to you.  There are short segments on canning green beans in the pressure canner; canning tomatoes in a boiling water bath canner; making jelly, and making pickles. 

 It is very good information, based on the latest University of Kentucky publications.  I will also have that series of publications available to you free of charge, a little closer to “canning time.”

      We also have a FREE service of checking your dial gauge on the lid of your pressure canner to see if it is working accurately.  Just bring your canner lid, with the gauge attached, to the County Extension Office at 478 Extension Drive, off Stone Avenue and the Whitesburg By-Pass.  It just takes about 5 minutes.  A good pressure canner isn’t cheap, but it will work well for many years if you keep it stored in a cool, dry place.  The rubber gasket inside the lid may need to be replaced every few years, so it will work properly to seal in moisture during the canning process.

      Good luck with all your spring projects.  If you have a question relating to any area of family and consumer sciences or homemaking in general, please call the County Extension Office at 633-2362.  If we don’t have the answer for you, we have a number of Extension Specialists at U.K. to help us find the answer. 


For more information, contact: Ann Bradley, County Extension Agent at the County Extension Office;

478 Extension Dr.; P.O. Box 784; Whitesburg, Ky.  41858 or call - 633-2362.